Musicians approach Macheso for collaborations

Avatar tatenda | October 10, 2019

Musicians approach Macheso for collaborations this follows the massive success of “Ngaibake” of Freeman and Alick Macheso.

Musicians approach Macheso for collaboration








In a statement, Dancehall musicians approach Macheso for collaborations. Macheso however, said  the popularity of the collaboration attracted many youngsters from the dancehall and they are willing to engage the joint productions.

Macheso said  many young musicians approached him requesting  to work with him on their projects. He added that they admire what he did with Freeman.

Also, Macheso said the song is doing well and it is a sign of an important cohesion of generations. Baba Sharo said have made arrangements with young musicians to collaborate with them.


Musicians approach Macheso for collaboration






However, he said it is too early to go into the studio for another collaboration. He also added that it is prudent to give Freeman the time to shine with Ngaibake.

“We are not in a contest. We are here to complement each other in providing quality entertainment to our fans.”

“I am prepared to work with everyone and I will have many collaborations. It is a matter of time.”
Macheso said he learned a lot from the late legend Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi who did many collaborations with musicians of various genres.

Musicians approach Macheso for collaboration








“My late brother Tuku had so many successful collaborations with young musicians and I realize that most of them are now looking up to me for the assistance.” He also Tuku’s departure left a gap that is not easy to fill.

The icon said he will do his best to assist anyone who engages him. Macheso also said he will be working on some videos to give fans different versions of visual productions.

However, Freeman also said he was glad to work with Macheso. He said Macheso is a humble and talented man who has wisdom and easy to work with.


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