Nafuna Production Update 2021

Avatar [email protected] | March 24, 2021

Nafuna Production Update 2021

Nafuna Production Update 2021

Nafuna Production Update 2021. So, after years of building the Nafuna brand, we took what may have looked like a sudden break on the outside. But yet internally we were going through a process of retooling our systems and figuring out our content strategy. This was done in a data-driven way. Also, we were fielding a lot of in-studio work for clients and so we took a bit of a content break.

While on the production break, we started a series of weekly planning meetings that then coincided with the COVID pandemic. This saw us go on full lockdown, and the team was working remotely.

We relooked at our content offering as well as some of the unreleased pilots. Hence, we have decided to refocus on the Angry Mwana project.  Over time, deprecate some of our other earlier shows as we focus on building new brands. Additionally, these brands support the Angry Mwana project, on a 5-year growth strategy.

At the moment, the studio is relooking at the production process while simultaneously planning out storylines with the new writing team.

April will be a big month as we launch several Angry Mwana projects we have been working on and will continue to do so year-round with the support of our partners.

Further announcements and updates will follow as we get closer to release dates.


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