Nafuna TV Angry Mwana

Avatar mona | August 12, 2021

Nafuna TV Angry Mwana

NafunaTV aims to Re-imagine Afrika. We create original TV shows and animations for the web and traditional TV. One of our shows, Angry Mwana has garnered a modest, dedicated following in the short time it ran. It is due to popular demand we’ve decided to bring it back for another season.

Nafuna tv Angry Mwana helps us explore issues that people in Zimbabwe face all while we explore the fun parts of the ghetto and its residents. We see all this through the perspective of our intelligent and curious three-year-old protagonist the show is named after, Angry Mwana.

As Nafuna  we are excited to announce the release of brand new episodes of Angry Mwana , we feel that the wait has been long and we are happy to announce that your favorite baby will be right back on your screens soon.

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