Avatar tatenda | August 2, 2019

President Mnangagwa commissioned 47 new buses in Belvedere Depot to allay the transport crisis affecting the country.

He urges local authorities to develop dedicated bus lanes so that buses can keep time and trot on schedules. He also instructs traveling natives not to ravage the buses.  President Mnangagwa also urged the bus drivers and conductors to create a friendly environment for the public.


President Mnangagwa further mentioned that the government will source suitable buses for people with disabilities to conveniently go into the buses and come out of the buses without much fuss.

Additional fleets are indeed a welcome relief to people since they were having challenges in accessing them. People were forced to wait until late hours to grasp the buses because they were very few.  Most people were now struggling to cope with the current kombi fees to and from their homes.

Written by tatenda

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