Olinda disowns Tytan

Zimbabwean entrepreneur and social media personality Olinda Chapel disowns Tytan as she submitted a statement to Home Office statement.

Olinda disowns Tytan














In a statement, Olinda submitted a statement to Home affairs stating that they are no longer staying together. She also stated that they have no wish to stay together in the future.

Njabulo Nkomo








“l, Olinda Nyaradzo Chapel confirm that my relationship with Njabulo Nkomo no longer subsists. l do not live with them and that l do not intend to live with him them as my spouse or partner in the future”



Olinda disowns Tytan














The relationship between the two ended when Tytan released a statement saying that his relationship with Olinda had ended. His statement indicated that there had been some problems with domestic abuse. He also said he was getting support from a legal team and domestic abuse services.

Olinda disowns Tytan






Lately, Olinda revealed in a live video that she had decided to turn her marriage into an open relationship. The social media personality also said she had decided after she found out Tytan cheating on her with her best friend.

However, most people argued that Tytan is likely to be deported back to Zimbabwe as Olinda disowns him. Singer and ex-husband to socialite Olinda Chapel Tytan Nkomo might find himself out in the cold after Olinda submitted a statement to Home Affairs stating that the two no longer stay together.



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