Olinda gives Tytan a free pass.

Avatar chloe | July 26, 2019

Olinda gives Tytan a free pass.

Olinda Nkomo has decided to be in an open relationship.  Yes, that’s right. This decision came about after she found out that her husband, Tytan, cheated on her with her best friend. And as usual, Olinda kept us all in the loop and let us know through a live video on social media. 

Olinda seems to be very unlucky in love as this is not the first time she’s been cheated on.  After her ex-husband Stunner cheated on her, she made headlines with multiple live videos and posts filling the timelines. After that, their marriage ended instantly.

 This time though, Tytan is not going anywhere. She said she would not be dumping Tytan, she dreads looking for another partner. Let’s be honest, can be quite draining. Looking for another partner and starting that whole process of getting to know someone & telling each other your favorite color… it would be quite a drag for someone who has gone through so much like Olinda.


 Tytan has the green light. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to people if they happen to see him with other women.

Written by chloe

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