Poshto, the original animated show from Zimbabwe announced!

Avatar [email protected] | June 4, 2020

Poshto, the original animated show from Zimbabwe that is a follow up to Angry Mwana, Nafuna’s hit Animated Series from 2015. Angry mwana was the original animated Zimbabwean series. Angry Mwana was Zimbabwe’s Original Animated Show in Zimbabwee. It introduced a new concept into the market in a time where nothing like that was happening in Zimbabwe. Originally released in 2014, the project has grown strength to strength.


Poshto and Angry Mwana project header

The Original Animated Show from Zimbabwe.

After a successful and sustainable first season, Angry Mwana won the hearts of a lot of Zimbabweans and went on to partner with brands across the country, amplifying product and project reach. After taking 3 years off to partner with various brands, Angry Mwana has now evolved into Poshto! The main Over Arcing brand for the Angry Mwana project. Poshto sees the project grow into a place of its own with the addition of several characters in the project, bringing the count to over 50 characters!

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