Pregnant women to bring their fuel!!!

The economic situation has worsened in the country. Pregnant women are compelled to bring their own fuel when its time for delivery.

Due to the ongoing load-shedding in the country. The fuel will be used in generators since the load shedding is making it difficult for Hospitals to cope up with electricity blackouts.

Meanwhile, pregnant women are compelled to bring their syringes, gloves which will be used during childbirth.
According to the Health Times, some municipal and district clinics resorted to using candles during deliveries due to the load shedding.
The lack of crucial resources such as drugs and essential medical equipment as well as the shortage of staff has been blamed for low morale at public health institutions with calls for improved public relations and efficiency in service is growing louder.

The government should work under difficult conditions. We have few drugs, equipment, and the doctor to patient ratio and nurse to patient ratio is quite alarming.
Access to health is really difficult.

People are dying from curable diseases. Our clinics do not even have stop pains like paracetamol.

People are complaining that they are only giving prescriptions. But they do not have money to buy the drugs at pharmacies. Therefore one can simply say rights in the constitution are only there on paper not for their rural folks.

Pregnant women must bring their fuel when its time for their delivery. It’s so terrible!

Written by purity

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