Prophet Passion chuckle Pokello!!!!!

Avatar tatenda | December 2, 2019

Prophet Passion Java is back at it again as he laughs at Pokello’s China flea market video.

Prophet Passion is back at it again!!!!!










It seems like the controversial Prophet is liking throwing shade at other Zim celebrities. He started with Stunner and Mudiwa and now Pokello is his latest victim. The self-proclaimed man of God laughs at the video of the self-proclaimed Queen of swagger spotted doing shopping of clothes in a China flea market.

Prophet Passion is back at it again!!!!!









Pokello’s ex Elikem blasts Passion Java for laughing at her. He defends Pokello as he blasted the fancy and flamboyant Prophet Passion Java. 

“This man likes to show off. What a Man of God. He will do anything to trend. Including making a video of himself fake laughing and showing off his gold iPhone, notice how he picks it up for nothing.”

Prophet Passion is back at it again!!!!!







He said China is the fastest growing economy in the world and a business hub for young entrepreneurs to strive.

“People don’t know, they think it’s a fake place. So, they laugh, ignorance. At least the girl hustle is physically real, while other people preach a bible that they don’t understand, lie to church, enrich themselves while their congregation remains poor.”

Prophet Passion is back at it again!!!!!









However, a lot of people criticize Prophet Passion for his behavior and they demand him to make a public apology to Pokello. Zimbabwean singer based in South Africa Yaka Yaka also came to the defense of Pokello she said:

“I go to china and I sell clothing from china to at least 70% of South African celebrities. I will also have you know that most of the Zim celebs too wear clothes from China …@queenofswaggerofficial do your thang mommy.”

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