Re Imagine Africa Nafuna tv completes year 9!

Avatar [email protected] | May 25, 2020

Nafuna enters Year 9!

As we approach the close of our 9th Year, I have had a lot of time to reflect on my journey with Nafuna and where I think we’re going. I for sure have learned so much over the years, both as an artist and as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Personally, I spent about 10 years in the industry as a Lecturer, Artist, Video director, and Creative director in Ad agencies and campaigns. This initial period taught me a lot of the technical and creative skills I needed to begin Nafuna. However, I  realized how under-qualified I was to start a company and all that comes with it. Its been a slow 9 years of migrating from working alone to a company with projects that scale up to 45 person teams as well as managing a constant team of 15.

Studio A

This is Studio A, where a lot of the animation and editing happens. The heart of the post-production workflow.

Re Imagine Africa Nafuna tv completes year 9!

We set off as Nafuna at first to introduce new thinking… an alternative way of packaging our stories. Accordingly, we hit the online market with several shows and productions, some of which enjoyed virality, product endorsements, and national awards. NafunaTV celebrates 9 years of ReImagining Africa.


Looking back at all of that and seeing how much progress we have made, I see a new direction. Hence, a larger vision. To ReImagine Africa! This is our new ongoing philosophy that we shape ourselves and our initiatives around. Thus we produce productions and products that reshape the way Africa sees Africa! In Zimbabwe,  Therefore, we have to go through several years of growth and more opportunity shows itself.

Nqo Enqore Mlilo on rooftop

Taken in 2014 in the avenues on a rooftop during a timelapse shoot.

We look forward to a new era of producing innovative and creative solutions for our markets. Again, we kick start our ReImagination campaign with a ReImagination Look! as well as to pick the visual pillar of the classic Zimbabwean bird, rethought it, and looked at it from a different perspective. So, with this art direction, we go forward to a new era of ReImagination!

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