Should girls make the first move?

Avatar purity | October 24, 2019

There is controversy over whether girls of the 21st Century should make the first move or guys are the only ones with the prerogative to do so. The way proposals work has always felt weird for most people thus, the confusion and controversy.

The prevailing norm is that the boy takes the initiative to prove that he can take charge and be the MAN! With this tradition dating as far back as the eighteenth century a few compromises are borne along the way.

Women are now stronger and more confident in whatever they do than men naturally anticipated and modern-day culture has opened channels to break old traditions to accept new ideologies for the development of an inclusive social fabric. Stereotypes still carry the age-old traditions and stand as the opposing side of this cultural evolution.

Why Women Should Make The First Move?

The evolution of culture gives ladies plenty of reasons to make the first move so, to be honest, girls should make the first move if you damn feel like it.

If you want something you go for it, as long as the move is delivered accurately, it can be attractive to the guy.
Why sit back and bemoan that you aren’t getting attention from men who interest you? when you can choose who you want to chat with? Surely when it comes to online dating, not all the men you contact will reply, but that’s normal.

They may be busy, seeing other girls, or you’re just not their type. It will all pay off when you do connect with a guy you find interesting. With smartphones, men and women are both chilling out or even just forgetting about traditional gender roles. It’s all about time.

And even if the person isn’t impressed, at least you’ll know right away rather than consuming your own time by sitting around waiting for something that is never going to happen.

How do men feel when girls make the first move?

Regardless of why she does it, the question here is; do men like it?
Of course, there are reasons why men may feel uncomfortable with a woman being forward. Particularly if those men are more traditional types or their stereotypical who think the girl is desperate.

Most traditional men believe that girls should make themselves attractive, a good man will see the value and approach. One of the guys said that as girls, we have many moves which we can make before telling a guy.

But I suggest if you’re a woman who’s wondering if making the first move would is cool or creepy, don’t mind! you should go for what you want.

Written by purity

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