So, you want a Talk Show? 5 Things to know before you start

Avatar [email protected] | June 21, 2020

So, you want a Talk Show? These are 5 things to know before you start. I have been producing content and TV shows under NafunaTV for almost 10 years now. Before that, I was freelancing in the film and TV production industries as post-production and animation before I got enough experience to work on a talk show of my own. So I get called every other week from someone wanting to start a talk show. So I decided to write 5 things to know before you start, only because its better to start off with great planning before the production takes off!


I know this sounds so basic… but hear me out. From my own experiences, all the productions where I thumbsucked elements in filming the production where the projects where I did a ton of fixing after the fact and it took tons of back and forth between us as a production crew too. This is a rule, not just for talk shows but even for Angry Mwana and Poshto, animated projects that still had the same issues. You can never have enough planning for a project. From understanding the name, to structure and everything. The outcome here should be to produce a 2 Pager.

Create a 2 Pager

This one is another basic one that kills a lot of productions. Once you get clear on the planning process with regards to the general concept of the production, putting it down on paper is the next thing. You will need partners. If you’re not already a production guy, you will need to partner with one or a company like Nafuna 🙂 as well as onboard other partners, guests and possible PR channels like newspapers and blogs. I can’t tell you the number of times that someone has come to me with a show and when I ask them to send me a concept, they always most times don’t have anything.


Knowing the parameters of the show so that you can communicate what the structure is. How long is this show? what platform is it on? internet? traditional? who are the users/viewers? How do they access other content? Who are your likely competitors? The words “Mass Market” are evil here, We need to zero down on what the product is and who wants to watch it.

Knowing roles

Knowing your roles in your production will let you know what other crew members you need for your show. Firstly you will be the producer, the person in charge of putting the elements of the show together and managing them once you assemble this team. Next, is funding, which is the Executive Producer function. Knowing all this will get you a lot of the way closer to success!

Pitch Deck

There are going to be a lot of presentations of this idea and its key concepts. Having a pitch deck to get partners onto the project is an often overlooked aspect of production



Planning is everything. Thats what makes a successful production and a not so successful one.

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