Avatar tamia | November 28, 2018

With the speed of technological advancements it has made it easier for local industries to thrive extremely well. Sadly, the educational aspect has not really grown as it struggles with digital transformation especially in Africa. Due to the enlightenment that has shed light on the necessities of internet and mobile penetration a new breed of entrepreneurs is rising in Africa leading to the establishment of educational startups like Somesha.

Somesha is a startup that develops technology that complements the education process.Their solutions help students track their academic journey,providing a central place where they can access school records of their performance. Somesha is a company that does not scrutinize any age group as their core focus is on ECD up to university students.


Using the internet as a powerful tool of accessing spans of educational material is wise, however does this mean that teachers in the rural areas who are accustomed to the traditional way of teaching with books no longer have their jobs? Food for thought.

Written by tamia

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