Strive Masiyiwa entice doctors

Avatar tatenda | November 29, 2019

Business mogul Strive Masiyiwa  entice striking doctors with monetary incentives, a move that will save millions of lives.

In a statement, Higher Life Foundation (HLF), said doctors  are set to be given $5 000 and transport to work. Also a VAYA carpool voucher to access the hospital, at a maximum of 3 times per day.

Strive Masiyiwa entice doctors






Masiyiwa said,  the money will be paid monthly and is a unilateral review by HLF. The HLF will also provide smartphones  as a tool of trade. The foundation said it will also undertake to provide internet at major teaching hospitals in Zimbabwe.

Strive Masiyiwa entice doctors







However, the government has so far fired 448 doctors after they refused to end a crippling strike.  The striking doctors have rejected offers of 100% salary increment, instead of demanding that their on-call allowances and other benefits be pegged at the going interbank currency rate.

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