Supreme court: Khupe real MDC leader!

Avatar purity | March 31, 2020

Supreme Court: Khupe real MDC leader!

The supreme court rules that Thokozani Khupe is the real leader of MDC and Nelson Chamisa is illegitimate.

The ruling reduces Nelson Chamisa to the position of Secretary for Policy. This is the position he once held in 2015. Meanwhile, social media users respond to the supreme court rule.

The MDC’s bruising conference to choose a new leader was in December. This resulted in a legal battle. Therefore, the MDC’s Thokozani Khupe ran to the party’s leader against Douglas Mwonzora. She lost the vote and filed a court case to throw out the results. She claims that the vote was rigged. Accordingly, this is just one in a series of legal battles that weaken and divides the opposition.

Additionally, in April, the MDC’s Khupe won a Supreme court judgment to use the official name of the party, MDC T. Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa opposed Khupe and at the time of the 2018 national election was the candidate of a coalition of political parties called the MDC Alliance. Furthermore, according to the Africa report, Khupe has been stamping authority on the party by recalling elected members of parliament, causing them to lose their seats.

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