Tamy Moyo does it again!!! #Kwandinobva video release

Avatar chloe | May 21, 2019

We all know Tamy Moyo for her vocal gymnastics, “goddess-like” beauty and forever jaw-dropping music videos but this time she has really left the audience in complete awe with her latest music video for her single “Kwandinobva” meaning “Where I come from”. It’s only been a week and the video is already sitting on over 100K views on YouTube!


The song has a catchy, soulful Afro-Jazz feel but still has that authentically and distinct Zimbabwean feel to it, which she manages to bring out so well. The video is a rich and vibrant array of colors, creativity, and diversity. The first thing that will definitely catch your eye is Tamy’s make up the elaborate accessories she has on the video, very interesting, but beautifully put together. The incorporation of DJ Tamuka, who is the producer of the song, in the music video was a great idea as most times artists kind of just forget about the producers and leave them in the shadows. No offense to the artists that haven’t included their producers on the video though. The song also features her long-time sweetheart, Daniel Chiweddar and fellow artist Victor Stot.


And of course, we absolutely cannot leave out the genius behind all this, the one who made all this magic come together, shot after shot. AndyCutta never ceases to amaze and it seems he just keeps on getting better and better. Do you think he’s Zim’s number 1 director? Let us know in the comment section. Most people’s highlight was her incorporation anaMbuya on the video and also Enzo Ishal’s Kanjiva dance and they also added a bit of Sulu in the mix, which communicates the message of the song which is all about Zimbabwean pride and being boldly proud of where you come from and being completely and unashamedly Zimbabwean.


And of course, there had to be a #KwandinobvaChallenge. Go check it out on Tamy’s Instagram page and let us know what you think. But for now, if you haven’t checked out the video or if you just want to watch it again, check out the link down below!


Written by chloe

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