The darkest day for Ginimbi!

The darkest day for Ginimbi!

Flamboyant businessman (Ginimbi) Genius Kadungure has lost his mother today. He took to announce his heartbroken on twitter. Ginimbi’s mother suffered from cancer for a long time.

“Today it’s one of my darkest days in my life, but who am I to question God. I did all things that money can buy, but this thing called Life it is only God that gives it. My mother, my world is now in heaven. RIP”

However, in 2019 he lost his brother Andrew to an undisclosed illness. A week before the passing of his mother, he was ordered to pay an additional US$58 000 duty for one of his recently imported top of range vehicles.

Image by Zimetro

However, he then bought a brand-new red Ferrari 488 Spider.  May Her Soul Rest in Eternal Peace!

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