The Dawn of a new Era in Zimbabwean film making.

Avatar chloe | July 10, 2019

A Red Carpet exclusive event is about to take place in the UK celebrating Zimbabwe’s first film after the end of the Mugabe Era.


The film has been selected by the prestigious Rotterdam International Film Festival and also had its African premiere at the Durban International Film Festival. Directed by Tomas L Brickhill and directed by Joe Njagu, the internationally acclaimed film “Cook-Off” will have its very first UK premiere on Saturday the 27th of July and it’s going to be an exclusive and extravagant event at the Mayfair hotel. 


The film is a story of a single mother played by Tendie Chitima, who in the beginning is portrayed as an underdog who enters a cooking competition in the hopes of winning. Motivated by her son, she presses on. It’s not easy because there’s a lot of doubt, discouragement, and undermining being served on a silver platter. But it’s not all action and tension as it’s also a heart-warming romantic comedy. The film stars familiar faces like Eddie Sandifolo, Jesesi Mungoshi, Shingai Shoniwa and artist Tehn Diamond.


The reason why this film has caught the attention of so many is that it tells a different narrative of Africa. It tells a captivating story that is more universal and positive as opposed to the common war stories, HIV stories, poverty, and famine paint that the rest of the world seems to like painting Africa with. An absolute must watch.

Written by chloe

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