Luckily the good old days return.

The traditional art of fusion of reggae counts again. It is all about sound tactics, techniques, and reflections instead of the mere sound of music. The Maidei hitmaker (Dino Mudondo) has returned with a 10 track album titled “No Lumo.” Meanwhile, Dino will officially drop his 18th studio album this Friday. It has been four years since he released an album. However, Dino has been trying to revive his music career and other business in South Africa.

With the combination of Willom Tight, Dino has once deemed the best artist in the country before their split. Surely he was the man of the moment. Moreso, Dino once dedicated his song “usandikanganwe” to his lover reminding her how much he loved her since he was looking forward to a blissful marriage.

Lamentably, his lover couldn’t keep the vow, she married someone else. Dino Mudondo is a 41-year-old Zimbabwean musician. He introduced himself to the music platform with the release of his debut album “Makorokoto.” He also produced a self-title called “Dino” and went on to release “Divisi, Rasta Kwasa, Mhemberero, Shuga Mutape, Wining, and Dining.”

All in all, happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what others do. We appreciate the good old days’ return.


Written by purity

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