The Red Market Sunday.

Avatar purity | October 11, 2019

The Red Market Sunday.

Radio and television personality, Samantha Musa, Misred has started an online business promotion for young entrepreneurs. The business is called the Red Market Sunday. It will allow young people to market their projects.

Misred told NewsDay Life & Style that she aimed to assist young people to connect and reach more clients for their business to flourish.

“As an individual, you can’t change the world you live in by doing nothing. I have always been passionate about impacting communities. Twitter is another community that I could make better use of through such initiatives. However, it is not reaching the audience it is supposed to.

I decided to at least create such an initiative because many people are coming to my inbox,” she said.
“In business, the hustle has always been about how one can reach large audiences to sell their products. It will allow businesses and customers to interact through the Misred Twitter account,” she said.

According to MisRed, Red Market Sunday tweets have so far earned 8 million impressions.

She is also hoping to make it a vibrant online market that will create more income. And more opportunities for start-ups and semi-established businesses.

It is undoubtedly that she is one of Zimbabwe’s most influential media personalities.
MisRed joined The Ignition team at ZiFM in October 2013. She established herself as an iconic presence on the airwaves alongside her co-host Tonderai Katsande.

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