Ti Gonzi beefs with Ishan

Avatar purity | March 12, 2020

Ti Gonzi beefs with Ishan.

Zimcelebs TvDuring the Star Fm awards, every award winner was given the US $300. Meaning that if the artists collaborate, they have to share halfway. Meanwhile, Ti Gonzi said the Kure song became a hit after he featured with Ishan. But unfortunately, he couldn’t get a cent.

He also said, his manager and Ishan’s manager were in disagreement on the issue of credits since Ti Gonzi played the part on the chorus. However, Ishan’s manager savagely said that even if Ti Gonzi hadn’t featured in the song, the song was going to be a hit. Most Importantly, Ishan couldn’t admit that he went by himself to Ti Gonzi,  for them to make a collabo. He would tell people that the two met in a studio.

Sadly, Ti Gonzi noted that when you worked so hard, it is fair to be given the credits. He also announced that by that time, the best he could do was to have a chat with Ishan. But Ishan couldn’t reply to his messages. The fact that Ti Gonzi beefs with Ishan came as a surprise to the public and the fans.

Video by Zimcelebs Tv.

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