Tocky is killing the suit game

Zimbabwean award-winning dancehall artist, songwriter Tocky Vibes is killing the suit game. The dancehall singer loves to wear traditional clothes and most people call him “the traditional guy.” But this time around he is killing the suit game which is a blow to most people on social media. 









The icon appreciates the role of parenting, the importance of fidelity and the rewards of working hard in his songs. Also, he is a great poet of great maturity and strength. His vision and social commentary make him a voice of Zimbabwe’s youths. 









However, Tocky Vibes rose to fame with his hit song Amai. Many people liked the song because of the unique lyrical content. However, this earned him a new name,Dancehall Priest. His music and lyrical capabilities have made him a household name in the Zimbabwean community.






Written by tatenda

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