US Extends Social Distancing!

Avatar purity | March 30, 2020

US extends social distancing!

The president of the United States, President Donald Trump extended the social distancing recommendations to the 30th of April. The current statistics of the Covid19 situation in a state of the nation address. He encourages the citizens of his country to stay indoors and to maintain social distance at all times.

Other countries are also implementing the lockdown policy as the virus continues to spread. The Covid19 pandemic has spread to 178 countries and regions across the globe so far and the numbers are rising rapidly. Over 782, 365 cases have been recorded and there have been 37, 582 deaths recorded.

World Health Organization representatives deployed to all infected countries so as to manage and try to curb the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, President ED Mnangagwa has implemented a 21-day lockdown to limit the continuous spread of COVID19. The lockdown starts Today. All non-essential programs to effectively shut down. Funeral gatherings not to involve more than 50 people all church gatherings suspended. All public celebrations stopped until further notice. Only food stalls are allowed to operate.

LET’S  STAY AT HOME AND SAVE LIVES all over the world!!!

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