USD60k just for a birthday party?!

Luminitsa Dumbisa is an African socialite who also happens to be Grace Mugabe’s almost-muroora & Zimbabwean football player Nyasha Mushekwi’s ex-wife. We know her for going all out when it comes to spending money but this time she takes the cake!

Just for her birthday party, she spent an estimated USD$60 000 and gave all her guests expensive alcohol and free makeup from top South African makeup artists.

“Things could be hard for most Zimbabweans but you have to be grateful to God by celebrating life the best way you can. I don’t only spend money on myself. I also have a foundation where I pay school fees for a thousand students. So I think in as far as social responsibility, I am doing my best” says Luminitsa.

That’s not all. Luminitsa has friends in the Middle East who wanted to celebrate with her but couldn’t because of the distance. So to make up for it, they threw her yet another lavish party in Doha, Qatar. 

Written by chloe

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