VAYA launches mushika shika services

Avatar tatenda | December 10, 2019

Zimbabwe’s ride-hailing services VAYA from CassavaSmartech has launched an auto-rickshaw service. To beat the traffic blues in Harare’s Central Business District.











VAYA Hopper is the taxi service that seeks to provide affordable transport services in the CBD faster than pirate taxis or ‘mushika shika.’ The idea of auto-rickshaws is new to Zimbabwe. And not in the world because they borrowed the idea from India “Tuk-tuks.” In India, they are the fastest means of transportation because there are massive population and traffic jams.




However, the VAYA Hopper is still in its trial phase but the service has already divided opinions. Whilst some are hailing the new offering as convenient. Some critics are already pointing out how Harare CBD is already congested by too many vehicles.

CassavaSmartech is doing its best to innovate and launch exciting services in the market. Only time will tell if this new taxi services will be successful.

Written by tatenda

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