Wadiwa WepaMoyo Season Finale!

The Wadiwa Wepamoyo season finale is today! The episode is a tragic and heartbreaking one.

In today’s episode, Man Tawa goes to Bulawayo. Unfortunately, Biko couldn’t make it. Imagine packing all your bags and even calling your relatives to let them know that you will be visiting them, only to find out that you are not going anywhere! It’s so disappointing. Also, on the other side, mai Noku confronted baba Noku about him cheating and baba Noku surprises everyone by saying he wants a divorce!

Wadiwa WepaMoyo season finale is something that fans have been waiting for. The series is famous probably because it is an original Zimbabwean production. It has accumulated such a big fanbase in such a short time because most of the youths can relate. The fact that the series is in the vernacular may also be another reason for its popularity in Zimbabwe. Its the first original Zimbabwean production to attract that much attention in a while.

What is attracting the youths the most in the series is the depiction of a girl leaving her poor guy for a rich one. Noku is in love with Man Tawa but she’s now having second thoughts because the ex has a car and is bringing her gifts. Apparently most guys are in the same situation with their girls.

Today’s episode is the last episode of Wadiwa Wepamoyo S1 make sure to watch it here.

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