What do feminists really want to achieve?


What we feel feminism is and what it is by definition is different. Being feminist includes the advocacy of equality of rights on both sexes be it in educational and professional opportunities or in private and public life. Most females however have created a meaning that goes accordingly with their situation. After a survey most female teenagers think that feminism includes not needing a man they can ‘do it alone’ and literally bashing them just because they were mistreated in their previous relationship. However this is a huge misconception because feminists are not “anti-men” they are just “anti-inequality”.


Educated women do not enjoy just being house wives they are so much more than nurtures and being the light of the homestead. Reason being, is, civilization keeps evolving and the world would have to keep up with the fact that so do women. The world needs more women in the industries not because they are trying to take on men as a challenge or trying to threaten them. NEWSFLASH: Men are not the only breadwinners because there are widows and there are single mothers who need the same amount of money as the men do for the exact same profession. Equality has nothing to do with body parts just because women are physically weaker.


What women should be rightfully voicing for is equity. In essence there is fairness and it is about making sure people get people get access to the same opportunities. Sometimes our differences and or history can create barriers to participation, so we must ensure EQUITY before we enjoy equality. Whereas EQUALITY is about sameness it promotes fairness by giving everyone the same thing. However it only applies if everyone starts from the same place.


Men and women hate feminism because it challenges religion, tradition, social identity, gender roles and many other social issues.  Feminism is not about making women stronger. Women are already strong. Its about changing the way the world perceives that strength.It is okay to have a set of beliefs but do not project them on others to feel otherwise.The question you should ask yourself is: Is what I believe in allowing me to grow and allowing everyone around me to be who they are?



Written by tamia

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