While Everyone Focuses On Mai Titi and Madam Boss, Women Are Getting Murdered And Assaulted In Harare

While Everyone Focuses On Mai Titi and Madam Boss, Women Are Getting Murdered And Assaulted in Harare


It’s not raining but it’s pouring torrents of sagas and shuffling in of catastrophic unforeseen incidents in Zimbabwe. At the moment there are 4 cases of women who have been assaulted in this sacred yet inauspicious month of November. In the meanwhile, Zimbabwe thrives on the hot stories of Mai Titi and Madam Boss.


Just last week, Zimbabwe experienced casualties in death as Prudence Madzadzavara, a motivational writer was savagely murdered and thrown out of a moving vehicle Cnr Nelson Mandela and Enterprise Road on Tuesday, the 6th of this month. On Friday, the 9th of November, a woman was robbed at knifepoint pepper sprayed and brutally beaten up in Ridgeview behind ZESA building in Harare. It does not just end there, as yesterday saw an unidentified woman who was abducted in Harare and stabbed. Finally another unidentified woman was thrown out of a moving vehicle after being stabbed.


By God’s grace it is amazing that all these 3 women proved to be survivors as they escaped these bad omens.The targeted woman who was grievously injured on Friday has been identified as Zaleekhah Khan, sister to Zaydah Randen. The kidnapped woman who was targeted yesterday fortunately survived as well. The second unidentified woman is a newly wed who had just launched her book and hopefully is set on perpetuating her writing career. Nevertheless, the men who have been cruel to  these women have not been caught and there are still no recent records of arrests and it seems that those with the powers to change all these things are not saying thing.


We are earnestly urging all women children and men to be cautious when boarding taxis as crime rate and violence is spiralling out of control.

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