Why do women take longer to get ready?

Why do women take longer to get ready?

Some men just don’t understand it, though, and wonder why it takes us hours to get dressed.

What men don’t understand is how many different tasks go into the process of getting ready that requires so much of our time. Now being a woman, I know from personal experience that it does take me rather a long time to get ready. Women take longer because we like to do things precisely and accurately.

Our adage is to do it once and we do it properly. That’s why we are slow and it takes us an age when doing something.
For women, in the shower “getting ready” is a sacred event. Now let me apprise you, it starts in the shower. Sorry guys but I can’t shampoo and condition my hair, shave armpits in just two minutes. I have to wash my face and wash my entire body all in five minutes or less. As girls, we put in a lot of work to get clean in the shower.
That’s why women always smell so pleasant and fresh. It’s because of long showers. Secondly, we have to sustain our skin.

We all wish we could have flawless, smooth skin. But the unfortunate certainty is that not everyone has that. Therefore, we have to apply lots of creams and lotions to our face to moisturize and heal our skin.
Thirdly, there we go now, we have to wear makeup. I believe all women are pretty without makeup, BUT with makeup, it can be pretty powerful. It would be the longest day for us ladies to spend just a day without wearing makeup.

However, you can’t be ugly both inside and outside. Yet makeup can make one look pretty on the outside. Outside appearance matters most. We have to apply rows and rows of the foundation of different brands. Imagine, Mascara, face powder, foundations, different shades of lipstick line the walls and isles waiting to be held up to see if its the perfect match.

Our hair. Thank God WIGS Were Invented, hair is another ball game. But we thank God we have wigs that we can just style fast and call it a day! Otherwise we may not ever leave the house at a descent hour.

The first thing a girl says when it rains is OMG MY HAIR! It will take at least a solid five to ten minutes to choose a fancy hairstyle. Sometimes, the one we first choose might not be the one we would desire and we have to change our mind and try a different style instead.
Special Outfit. Firstly I have to check the weather. You can’t pick out an outfit if you’re not sure if it’s going to be windy or it’s going to be a rainy day. Don’t forget that we also dress for the occasion, Another enormous problem of an outfit is shoes.

They have to suit the color of the outfits. We want to be sure before announcing that we are finally ready to go before checking if our hair is in place or do I require to wear this outfit and not the other one I picked out to wear?
With all those choices, how can you expect women to be able to choose, much less apply, all that in a short amount of time? It’s practically unmanageable.

Now, men, do you understand why it takes women so long to get ready? It’s not just because we are slow; we have a lot to do! And most importantly, men would go and chase for women who wear makeup, yet you don’t want your own to take her time just to be on point.

Men, are you sure we can go out without wearing makeup yet we see other beautiful and charming women out there whom you (men) admire as fine women! We need to be on point and look fabulous, please!






Written by purity

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