Winky D live tomorrow at 8pm.

Winky D will be live tomorrow at 8 pm for his online album launch. The legend Winky D has decided not to let the Covid19 pandemic stop him fro releasing new content. It is a good move as it will keep his fans engaged as well as entertained while not breaking the lockdown conditions.

A lot of artists have taken to the online shows since the lockdown started. Both local and international artists are doing online live shows so as to keep fans engaged.


Winky D has been the lead Zimdancehall artist for a few years now. His music is favored by both the youths and the older people. This is because he sings about things that are relatable to all generations. He is famous in other foreign countries as well as Germany and England. He also has Zimbabwean fans in the diaspora. Winky D’s music is very cultural and gives people a taste of home.

While singing about life in general, Winky D also sings about the current affairs of the world. Gara Mumba Iwe is a Zimdancehall lockdown show. Catch the GAFA live on Facebook @Zimbabwean Social Media and @Zimcelebs page on Instagram.

More info to follow…

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