Winky D Releases Ijipita video!

Winky D releases Ijipita Video! An award-winning Zimdancehall chanter, Winky D yesterday released a new music video of his song Ijipita.

The video Ijipita, is exceptional. The visuals and the quality of the video are atypical. Technically, Winky has always been and will always be a celebrated virtuoso.

There is a lot of enthusiasm being shown by Winky’s fans. The fans are excited as they have been waiting for the video with bated breath. The likes and views of the video, show that everyone can concur with the recommendation that Winky is the King of Zimdancehall. No one can challenge his diligence in the Zimdancehall genre. Winky is underrated, with his lyrics edifying people’s lifestyle through his tranquil character.

The song Ijipita consists of the Biblical story of the Egyptians who used Israelites as slaves.  Moses led the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt to cross the red sea. Therefore, it will be fair to say that Winky D will satisfy his fans. However, during the weekend, Winky won the best people’s choice award at the recently ended NAMA awards.

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