Zimbabwe at 40.

Avatar purity | April 18, 2020

ZIM at 40. As they say, Life begins at 40!

Zimbabwe turns 40. Today Zimbabwe is celebrating the anniversary of national Independence. Meanwhile, A fight for independence took place in the 1970s. However, Zimbabwe gained its Independence on April 18, 1980.
There was an abolishment of discrimination based on race, ethnicity and other affiliation through independence.

There was mandatory for Equality of access to all state structures, institutions, and services.

Also, Ethnic groups and all races were open for health, education, social welfare, industry, and commerce.

However, to curb the spread of coronavirus, it is unfortunate that today’s independence is celebrated at home. In the past years, the meaning of independence was mediated through the official ceremony at the National Sports Stadium and independence music gala. Long Live Zimbabwe.

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