Zimbabwe at 40. As they say, Life begins at 40! Today marks 40 years of independence for Zimbabwe.

Like other African countries, Zimbabwe was colonized by the British South Africa company in 1888. Cecil John Rhodes and his troops entered and took control of the country naming it Rhodesia. Their excuse for colonizing Africa was Christianity. They said that they wanted to teach black people about Christianity. In reality, the British wanted to mine minerals and export the raw materials of Africa to their own continent.

Since the people of Africa were illiterate at that time, it was easy for the British. Hence the fight for independence was a very difficult one. There were legal aspects to the agreements that Africans had never dealt with before. Half the time the community leaders did not know what they were agreeing to.

The fight for independence from the oppression of the white man was a long and difficult one. The Zimbabwean people fought for the abolishment of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, and other affiliations.

The fight for independence took place in the 1970s. After a long struggle, Zimbabwe then gained its Independence on April 18, 1980, this included several battles.  There was a mandate for Equality of access to all state structures, institutions, and services.


Long Live Zimbabwe.

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