Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers urged to adopt Internet peering! (Tech)

The internet society experts have urged Zimbabwe internet service providers to adopt internet peering as it is fast becoming the most important and effective way for them to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Peering is a process by which two internet networks connect and exchange traffic, in technical terms it's a "business relationship" whereby ISPs reciprocally provide connectivity to each other's customers as it allows them to directly handover traffic between each other's customers. Benefits for internet peering were explained by Nishal Goburdhan an internet society member and veteran of the Africa peering and internet connection forum.

Meanwhile, the Internet Society and Facebook have teamed up to provide Internet Exchange Points (IXP) across Africa. The IXP’s will allow internet traffic to stay within the continent – as currently most of Africa’s internet traffic flows out to Europe or the US and then back again.

Written by godfrey

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