Zimbabwe Records First Case of Covid19!

Avatar purity | March 20, 2020

Zimbabwe records its first case of Covid19. It is unfortunate that Zimbabwe has recorded its first covid19 case. Zimbabwe is experiencing an economic and humanitarian crisis. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is one of the countries most affected and the citizens are struggling with daily water shortages. Yet washing your hands with clean water is one of the vital prevention of coronavirus. How are we going to prevent the virus? Most Importantly, the country is dealing with rampant inflation and the economy is shrinking. Covering our mouth with masks is one of the ways of preventing coronavirus. It’s sad to note that not everyone can afford to buy these masks and hand sanitizers. However, we urge every individual to practice personal hygiene and avoid public gatherings to reduce the risks of spreading coronavirus.

The outbreak started in China. The bulk of cases and fatalities are now outside the country and the virus is spreading internationally. A pandemic national disaster as declared.  The virus infected more than 250,800 people. And over 10,300 deaths have been recorded – including 177 people in the UK who were diagnosed with the virus. However, The new coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading fast.

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Written by purity

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