Zimbabwean brands need to start moving to video content.

Avatar [email protected] | May 27, 2020

Zimbabwean brands and companies need to be like a TV station when marketing to their audience. What do I mean? As the days of broadcast, I would look forward to constant programming that I can rely on to be there at a scheduled time. That feeling of longing to watch something can only be created by using content! Creating video content is essential.

Zimbabwean brands and companies already know that video is the most effective tool we have as humans for communication. Packaging content that can either entertain or inform while adding value to the user or audience. Branding like this through content creates better engagement and uptake than any other form of marketing.

ReImagine Africa Proverb Nafuna

One Who Bathes willingly with cold water doesn’t feel the cold

Deciding to go into content creation may seem like a tedious job, it is! But with everything, you need a game plan! What niche can you go into? which type of messaging can you publish? how long is the duration of the video? How often do we see it?

Answering these amongst others is the most essential part of creating an audience by using video content online.

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