Zimbabwean celebrities showing their assets!!!

Zimbabwean celebrities are showing off their assets. Flamboyant businessman Genius, Ginimbi, was seen popping some champagne on a live video on Instagram advising his fans not to try it at home or they risk going broke.

Meanwhile, one of the Zimbabwean prophets, prophet T Freddy is at the center of growing controversy after recently flashing a briefcase with US dollar notes. He even shared some images in which he is seen displaying the money. At one time giving an intimate kiss on his US dollar notes.

However, speaking to the public, T Freddy claimed that its all about people’s choices. And there was no problem for him to give testimony when God blessed him. He also said that it’s a different world we are living in, compared to the era when prophets used to beg. He added that on a personal level, he believes in a humble lifestyle.

Many people have thrashed Zim prophets for being too proud of acquiring earthly treasures. A few weeks ago, Prophet Passion Java showed off his new Lamborghini.

The prophet had earlier on purchased a helicopter and proudly bragged about it on social media. He mocked poor people in a video that circulated on social media. In the video, he said they spent the whole day without food while we bought a helicopter. However, one may argue that the Bible rebukes mocking the less privileged. It also rebukes the rich that value their positions.
Besides these prophets, a female comedian Madam Boss also posted a live video of herself counting a bunch of US dollars. She claimed that it was not enough for her lunch. However, Tyra is not talented in making people laugh, but also gifted with a hot body.

Its all clear that the Zimbabwean celebrities are showing off their assets.


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