ZOL introduces LTE Data line

Avatar tatenda | October 1, 2019

Zimbabwe’s leading Internet Service Provider ZOL introduces LTE Data Line that will work on mobile phones.

In a statement, ZOL has introduced a new LTE Data line to compete with Econet and NetOne. The data line will work with existing ZOL Wibroniks packages and will cost $10 to buy.

ZOL introduces LTE Data line







There were two interesting responses to the announcement made by ZOL with one customer claiming they have the line and it works brilliantly. Whilst another complained about battery life.

LTE Data Line is an LTE sim which only accepts bands 40 (2300) and 41 (2500). It won’t be compatible with 3 or 3.5G. Most 2019 phones are capable, hence the caveat. ZOL advised people to check if the phone is compatible with the line first.

ZOL introduces LTE Data line








Comparing the prices between Wibroniks and what people get from mobile network operators suggests that the MNOs could be in trouble.

For instance, Econet’s $30 daily bundle only gets you 1.5GB and one is forced to use it in one day. Whilst Wibroniks has 2GB for $24 that one can use it for 30 days. Similarly, $20 gets you 1GB on NetOne but again one has to use it in 24 hours.

ZOL introduces LTE Data line










However, most people argued that the line is not compatible and only LTE capable phones can be used. Also, others said  their data prices are a bit high. Some wonder if they will be able to maintain a decent quality of service if more subscribers come onto their platform.

ZOL Zimbabwe is Zimbabwe’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP). It offers a range of affordable, high quality managed communication solutions and Internet connectivity to customers all over Zimbabwe. ZOL introduces LTE Data line which means stiff competition for Econet and NetOne.


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