Zororo Makamba dies!!!!

Avatar purity | March 23, 2020

Zororo Makamba dies!

Mr. Zororo Makamba, the son of Mr. James Makamba has passed on. Zororo Makamba died on the 23rd of March. He had tested positive for coronavirus three days earlier. Zororo Makamba was 30 years old. The news about Zororo’s death has spread very quickly on social media.

Zororo went to New York on the 29th of February and came back to Zimbabwe on the 9th of March. He is said to have had flu-like symptoms. Zororo’s death has come as a shock to the Zimbabwean community. The news started circulating on social media via a tweet posted by mmawere. The said Mr Mawere, a friend of the deceased, posted ”Zororo Makamba dies”.

 He was the host and Executive Producer of the show called Point of View with Zororo Makamba. He was also the host of the show Tonight with Zororo which he did in collaboration with NafunaTV. Zororo was also the director and co-founder of Eleven Dogs, a digital media and broadcasting company. Zororo was the second son of well-known businessman James Makamba. His death is Zimbabwe’s first Coronavirus death. The global pandemic of the COVID-19 has claimed over 12,000 lives all over the world, to date.

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